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Discuss new deal structures.

NMS is a focused discussion on the future of the music industry.  The dialogue emphasizes reacting to the current industry environment and working towards a viable industry model.  The speakers at NMS are those who are involved in progressive music business ventures, looking to prosper rather than just survive.  

 At NMS you will have the opportunity to:

Earn CLE Credits by attending our CLE movement curated by NMS & Fox Rothschild. Check back for more details regarding state coverage.
Network and develop relationships with the people defining the future of the music business. NMS is unique in the high caliber nature of both its speakers and attendees. At NMS you are surrounded by influential and engaged CEOs, executives, tech companies, leading artists, songwriters, producers, managers, agents, publishers, and media tastemakers.
Discuss how we can build the $100 Billion Music Business. The rise of subscription services and continued debate concerning royalties payout begs the question - Is a music subscription economy possible? What are the implications of evolving revenue streams and how we can work towards a $100 billion industry.
Deliberate on ‘The New Deal’ Learn about the significant new deals which are shaping the future of the music industry. NMS is the opportunity to hear first-hand from industry leaders the changing models and structures of new artist and publishing deals; revenue shares, licensing and joint ownership models.
Discover New Music See trailblazing new artists as they break at the NMS New Music Nights. Hear the NMS ‘Artists on the Verge’ selected by industry insiders, playing over three nights in New York City.

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NMS 2014 CLE Movement Schedule

Day 1 Sunday

Fox Rothschild PresentThe Big Four Artist Agreements: The current state of the art (CLE)

These seasoned entertainment industry professionals discuss the following essentials: The Artist Operating Agreement, The Label Agreement, The Publishing Agreement, The Management Agreement.

Day 2 Monday

Fox Rothschild Presents: Artist Deals: Back to the Future (CLE)

It is 2024. 65% of music industry revenues are Subscription 15% is ad-supported streaming, 8% is music sales (vinyl and downloads), 5% is experiences and special products, 5% is SoundExchange and 2% is sync. 50% of revenues are domestic and 50% are international. Albums are around 15% of all revenue. We look back in amusement at the “record deals” that were still prevalent ten years ago in 2014. Label heads, lawyers and managers discuss the “new and improved” artist deal.

Day 3 Tuesday

Fox Rothschild Presents: The Music Publishers Movement (CLE)

How will the radical restructuring of the music business affect music publishing? Songwriter data and metadata and the importance of a global database. Direct deals with the biggest streaming services, performance revenues and international collection. Is technology disintermediating the publishing business so more money gets to the writers? What are these publishers most optimistic about and what are their biggest concerns?

Fox Rothschild Presents: So Sue Me: Understanding the Perils and Opportunities of Litigation (CLE)

Stories of good things gone bad. How to deal with litigation threats. When never to sue. When to threaten litigation. Understanding the costs of litigation. Are any of us safe? Sampling, cover songs, dmca take down notices and infringements, copyright infringements, breach of contract issues.

Confirmed Players

Michael Reinert (Fox Rothschild), Monika Tashman (Fox Rothschild) Rosie Lopez (Tommy Boy), Craig Averill (Serling Rooks), Tom Lipsky (Loud & Proud), Steven Ambers (GSO Group) Tim Mandelbaum (Fox Rothschild), Alan Friedman (Fox Rothschild) Clark Miller (Warner Chappell), Christine Lepera (Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp), Carla Miller (Head of East Coast Litigation, Universal).

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