Labels and Distributors

New Deals and new revenue generators.
How will you break your next act?

Labels are the venture capitalists of the music industry. How can labels return to profits commensurate with their risks? Meet the CEOs and founders of the companies that are opening the door to a massive new music business, the ones who will triple the music business over the next decade. Find Distributors that are using the new model to maximize exposure and revenue
Meet the Managers, Songwriters, and Producers – strike up conversations on the best practices on how to increase revenue, and make deals
Network and find great young executive talent – get up-close and personal with the people that will determine your future
A&R Listening Room: Be in the front row as artists get their music listened to, and critiqued by some of the leading A&R scouts from Majors, Independents, Booking agents, Publishers, media taste-makers, and more – maybe you will find the next artist right there that you can break
New Music Nights: Take part and network during the Opening Night Red Carpet Event. Three Nights of non-stop music by over 80 established performers and the hottest “Artists on the Verge” – Get to say “I saw them First at the New Music Seminar” maybe you are the one to land them a deal

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