Artist Services & Technology

There sure is a lot being developed. How will you know which service to use to maximize exposure and revenue?
Find out what the future has in store.

New legislations, new technologies, worldwide rights…what does the future hold? The NMS is the only place that brings together the publishers, labels, and PROs so you can have meaningful conversations that will make the flow of rights smoother and easier
Managers, Artists Producers & Songwriters: They’re in abundance at NMS and you need them to use, or be part of your service
Technology has advanced the Live Sector in way never before seen, you need to be in the room with Promoters and Booking Agents to make those deals
Looking for artists to help build your brand? How about Indies and Majors and deals you need to strike? It happens at NMS
New Music Nights: Take part and network during the Opening Night Red Carpet Event. Three Nights of non-stop music by over 80 established performers and the hottest “Artists on the Verge” – Get to say “I saw them First at the New Music Seminar”

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