Submit an Op-ed Piece

People have asked about publishing Opinion-editorial pieces on the New Music Seminar site. Therefore, we started the “Opinions” section.
This is the place for those seeking a platform to discuss radical points of view that are different from news editorials. Bring it on!

For consideration to have your piece published, see below.

What We’re Looking for:

  • Written Pieces or Video Segments from Musicians and People in the business.
  • Originality.
  • Opinions that stir up a conversation.
  • Proactive pieces to what’s going on in all sectors of the Music Business.
  • Articles and Videos that we feel musicians and the music business will find worthwhile – and create a dialogue.
  • Length: Typically 600 to 750 words. 3-5 minute video segments. 


  • We won’t tell you what to produce, but we may suggest a re-write or clarification of something if we find it confusing or it will help strengthen your argument.
  • NMS will select the accompanying artwork.

To improve the likelihood that your submission will be published:

  • Keep it simple and concise – make a single point, and validate it.
  • Provide supporting information, whether with data analysis, research, historical, or personal experience.
  • Write for a general audience, avoid ‘insider-speak’. Don’t assume the audience will not always know every acronym or internal-office language.
  • Write in your own voice. You don’t need to be a Pulitzer prize writer. Your personality is what helps your point sound better.


  • Submit your idea for consideration here.
  • In the form, you can present 1-3 ideas. A very short description (1-2 sentences) will suffice.
  • We will review internally and if one is chosen, we will contact you.
  • You will have 2 weeks to complete the piece.
  • Depending on our publishing calendar your piece will be published within 1-3 weeks.

Waiver / Disclosure

  • If accepted, you will be asked to sign a waiver which gives us the right to publish and laying out some of your responsibilities.
  • You must disclose anything that might be seen as a conflict of interest, financial or otherwise. e.g., Are you invested in a company you’re writing about? Can you benefit from a company or person that you are writing about? We simply need to disclose that relationship to the readers.

No article is guaranteed publication / What we will not publish

  • Advertorials that promote your company or service.
  • Inflammatory articles.
  • Plagiarized articles or articles you have previously published. The content you write should be exclusive to New Music Seminar.

Disagree with an Opinion piece?

  • Go ahead and post article’s comment section to continue the discussion.
  • If you’d like to publish your own rebuttal you can write a Letter to the Editor.


  • The views and opinions expressed in the Opinions articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of New Music Seminar, and/or its owners, staff, partners, or sponsors.

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