The 2014 Programming will be announced very shortly. Below you can see what went on in 2013 –  this year will be even better!

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  2013 Conference Schedule

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Sunday – June 9th
Registration Opens at Webster Hall

Opening Night Events at Webster Hall The Studio at Webster Hall $10 for public (Free for NMS Badgeholders) 5:30 – 7pm: Tom Jackson’s “Live Artist Overhaul” – Watch a band transform before your eyes 7:30 – 10:30: Artist on the Verge Top 3 Showcase – Watch the AOV Top 3 artists perform to see who will be crowned the winner of the AOV ‘Class of 2013’

The Marlin Room $25 for public (Free for NMS Badgeholders) 6pm – 10pm: Conor Maynard plus Nick Tangorra / Lexxi Saal

Opening Night Red Carpet Party in the Grand Ballroom! – 7:00pm

2AM Club / Baby Bee / The Soul Rebels + Special Guests!

$15 Advance / $20 Day of show (Free for NMS Badgeholders on a limited capacity, please arrive early)

For public tickets visit:

For access to all NMS Conference and Festival events visit:

Monday – June 10th
Registration Opens at the New Yorker Hotel
Opening Remarks by Tom Silverman (NMS) and Michael Huppe (SoundExchange)
10:30-11:45 State of the Industry.Leaders in Industry Sectors share the state of their industry and a glimpse into the future.

Conductor: Tom Silverman


  • Frank Cooper (Global CMO Consumer Engagement, Pepsi Co.)
  • John Sykes (President, Clear Channel)
  • Rio Caraeff (CEO, Vevo)

Beyond Crowdfunding: Campaigns To Tap Into The Lost $2.5 Billion.

Nielsen’s recent study found that there is up to $2.5 billion a year left on the table in the U.S. alone from music fans. Most of this is artist/fan experiences and special products. How can the crowdfunding model tap this for an additional 35% new music business revenues? The JOBS act passed over a year ago and will soon allow people to invest in artist albums or tours and drive these new revenues even further. How will these music micro investments work?

Conductor: Glenn Peoples (Senior Editorial Analyst, Billboard)


  • Martin Atkins (Tour:Smart)
  • Jeremy Gruber (Director of Business Development, Concord Music Group)
  • Benji Rogers (CEO, PledgeMusic)
  • Mike Doughty (Songwriter/Performer)
  • Vlad Vukicevic (Co-founder/CTO, RocketHub)

Music Xray Presents: A&R Music Critiques. (10:30-12:30)

Get your music into the hands of the people that matter; top industry players critique your work on the spot.

Conductor: Mike McCready (Music Xray)

A&R Team: 

  • Zeke Silvera (Island)
  • Patch Culbertson (Republic)
  • Carson Donnelly (Columbia)
  • Chloe Weiss (RCA)
  • Stephanie Karten (Robbins)
  • Josh Tanenbaum (LOCAL VIBES)
Networking Break

Sound Exchange Artist / Label Workshop. (11:45-12:45)

SoundExchange will explain what it is, why it pays, and how to get your share. Registering (free!) with SoundExchange can earn you royalties for plays on satellite radio, Internet radio, cable TV music channels and other services that stream sound recordings. Becoming a Member allows you to further maximize your royalties for streams around the world. SoundExchange is a non-profit, and an important source of revenue for all artists (big and small) and labels (indie and major): they’ve distributed over $1.5 BILLION to artists and labels so far.

But thousands of artists and labels don’t know they need to register, and millions in royalties haven’t yet been claimed. Interactive and question-driven, this workshop will also cover need-to-know info on copyright, licensing, metadata, and legislation that will affect your career.

12:30-12:45 NMS Intensive – Henrik Lorensen (Corporate Vice President, Bang & Olufsen): A new vision for band/brand partnerships– the B&O PLAY and Mew corporation

BMI Presents: The Songwriters Movement.

Songwriters discuss their process and share magical stories of penning their most popular songs.

Conductor: Peter Asher


  • Angela Hunte
  • Itaal Shur
  • Jared Cotter
  • Sam Hollander
  • Adam Schlesinger
  • Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis


Music Subscription: Getting To A Billion – Building A Strategy For Success.

Subscripton music is the fastest growing part of the music business. There are 100 million television subscriptions at an average of $79 per month in the US. SiriusXM has 24.4 million U.S. subscribers at rates of $14.95 per month. There are 321 million mobile subscriptions in the US. How can the music industry work with subscription services to drive subscriptions to 100 million and beyond?

Conductor: Stephen Bryan (Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy and Business Development, Warner Music Group)


  • Jim Cady (President & CEO, Slacker)
  • Jon Irwin (President, Rhapsody)
  • Andy Chen (CEO, WIMP)
  • Mark Piibe (Executive Vice President, Global Business Development and Digital Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment)
  • Sachin Doshi (Head of Development and Analysis, Spotify)

Fox Rothschild Presents: The New Deal – Artist/Label Business Models in the New Era (CLE). 

After 50 years, is it time to take a whole new look at the 50 page traditional artist deal? This movement will discuss the changing model and structure of new artist deals in 2013, specifically the revenue share, licensing and joint ownership models — what works, what doesn’t, and how we can innovate.

Conductor: Monika Tashman (Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP)


  • Rosie Lopez (President, Tommy Boy)
  • Adam Ritholz (Managing Partner, Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields LLP)
  • Elliot Resnik (Attorney at Law, Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman LLP)
  • Danny Goldberg (President, GoldVE)
  • Ed Vetri (CEO/President, Wind-Up Entertainment)



Networking Break

NMS Intensive – Tom Jackson: Doing Well By Doing Good.

Touring can be expensive! Did you know that some organizations will give you money if you help them help others? Some artists are generating thousands in additional revenues with this method. Find out how this win-win opportunity can work for you.

NMS Intensive – Ted Cohen (TAG Strategic LLC) & Russ Crupnick (Senior Vice President, Industry Analysis – NPD Group




The Managers Movement.

We are entering a digital future with non-unit based revenues booming and music sales units in decline. The backdrop is that there is more engagement with music and artists than ever. How do managers tap into the fan/artist relationship and help the artist monetize their “attention” in new and better ways?

Conductor: Steve Rennie (Founder, Renman Music & Business)


  • “Blue” Williams (President, Family Tree Entertainment)
  • Jake Gold (President & CEO, The Management Trust)
  • Lee Trink (President, Dare Mighty Entertainment)
  • Dean Raise (Artist Manager, C3 Management)
  • Jason Foster (Owner, We Are Free)

YouTube – Changing the Music Game.

YouTube has reinvented the music business arguably more than any other technology. It has allowed artists to break without traditional radio support. It has made it possible for unsigned artists and small independents to have access to potentially huge audiences with inexpensive videos.It has become an on-demand music streaming service. It has become nearly worldwide and has allowed music to travel to new markets. For example, it has made it possible for a Korean artist to have a hit around the world. And at the same time it has become a significant new source of revenue to artists, labels, songwriters and publishers. Advertising revenues are growing rapidly and talk of channels and subscriptions in the future can drive industry revenues even further.  If YouTube is not a cornerstone of your marketing plan, this session will show you why is should be.

Conductors: Vivien Lewit (Director, Content Partnerships, Music, YouTube), Brian Hennigan (NextLab Operations Manager, YouTube)


  • Brandon Martinez (InDMusic. CEO)
  • Max Gredinger (Foundation Artists Management)

SoundExchange Presents:

The Digital Radio Explosion – The Fuse is Lit.

As online radio becomes more than 10 percent of all radio listening, how are webcasters growing their businesses? How are advertisers adapting to this new medium? What are the impediments to advertising growth in the online radio sector and what are its possibilities? How can webcasters, artists and the music industry work in concert to grow revenues for each other?

Conductor: Andrew Hampp (Senior Correspondent, Branding, Billboard)


  • Kurt Hanson (CEO, Accuradio)
  • Brian Benedik (Head of US Ad Sales, Spotify)
  • Rick Song (EVP of Digital Sales, Clear Channel)
  • Alex White (CEO, Next Big Sound)
  • John Rosso (President, Market Development, Triton)
  • Steven Kritzman (Sr. VP of Advertising Sales, Pandora)
  • Sara-Beth Donovan (VP Director of Media Mintz + Hoke)
Networking Break


NMS Intensive – Mark Tindle (Musicmetric): Music Trend Report


The Producers Movement.

Producers have always been critical to the hit making process and the new technological landscape has done nothing to change that. Producers are finding artists, making hits and becoming a bigger power in the new music business. These producers share their stories and their insights with us.

Conductor: Robert Stevenson (EVP of A&R, Republic Records)


  • Greg Wattenberg (Co-owner/COO, Wind-Up Records)
  • Anthony Preston ( music)
  • Amanda Ghost (Songwriter/Producer)
  • David Kahne (Owner, SeeSquare Music)
  • David “Sluggo” Katz (Songwriter/Producer)
  • Michael Brauer (Mix Engineer & Producer, MHB Productions)

The Great Debate: Singles vs. Albums.

The primary cause of the decline in music business revenues has been the explosion of the single at the expense of the album. Digital singles outsell digital albums 11 to 1. Meanwhile record contracts are built around album releases. Artist touring cycles are built around album releases. The music industry still revolves around albums. Should we embrace the growth of singles or fight for the resurgence of albums?

Moderator: Bill Werde (Editorial Director, Billboard)


  • Jay Frank (CEO, DigSin)
  • Robert Christgau (Dean of American Rock Critics)
  • Niles Hollowell-Dhar (Cataracs)
  • Anand Wilder (Yeasayer)


Digital Music Sales: How Big Can This Market Grow?

Although digital single sales have declined this year for the first time, digital album sales are still up 8%. What are some of the new ways to invigorate the download business and keep it growing? High definitition, low friction buying, music discovery alliances, music bundling strategies, sponsor partnerships and more new ways to drive sales and revenues from digital music sales.

Conductor: Mike Jbara (President & CEO, WEA Corp)


  • Vickie Nauman (President, 7 digital)
  • Norman Chesky (President, HDTracks)
  • Matt Adell (CEO, Beatport)
  • Brad Soroca (COO/CMO, eMusic)
NMS New York Music Festival Begins!
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Tuesday – June 11th
Registration Opens





Fox Rothschild Presents: Building the $100 Billion Music Business: Monetizing Music in the New Era (CLE).

The music business has turned around and its growth is driven by exciting new non-unit sales revenue. Music can be bundled with all connected devices and connection services. What is the path to doubling the US music business in the next decade? What can artists and labels do to accelerate this new revenue growth?

Conductor: Ralph Simon (CEO & Founder, Mobilum Global/Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum Mobile – Americas)


  • Axel Dauchez (CEO, Deezer)
  • Jeff Toig (Senior Vice President, Muve Music)
  • Ron Wilcox (Executive Counsel, WMG)
  • Michael Abbattista (Global Head of Telecom/ISP Partnerships Spotify)
  • Mike Catalano (PMT Americas)
  • Michael Reinert (Partner, Fox Rothschild)


Direct to Fan.

Artists and Mangers are making this D2F an ever expanding part of their annual revenues. This session will discuss the latest state of the art and best practices to maximize revenues from fans even while the artists are still developing their fan bases.

Conductor: Bryan Calhoun (Digital Strategy, Blueprint)


  • David Dufresne (CEO, Bandzoogle)
  • J sider (Founder/CEO, Bandpage)
  • Jim Hoffman (Chief Technical Officer/Co-CEO, Section 101)
  • Stanislaz Hintzy (Director Strategy & Business Development, Moozar)
  • Parker Todd Brooks (VP, Creative Services & Artist Relations, Topspin)
  • Asya Shein (Founder & Publisher,


Music Xray Presents: A&R Music Critiques. (10:30-12:30)

Get your music into the hands of the people that matter; top industry players critique your work on the spot 

Conductor: Mike McCready

A&R Team: 

  • Andrew Fetcher (Atlantic)
  • Rob Inadomi (RCA)
  • Taylor Testa (Virgin)
  • Jeff Lanier (Label Recruit)
  • Sean Glass (Glassnote)
  • Dylan Chenfeld (Razor & Tie)
Networking Break
SoundExchange Digital Radio Workshop. (11:45-12:45)

This workshop will cover “Licensing 101”, what radio is paying and why. We will address the most common problems digital radio providers encounter and provide suggestions for correcting these difficulties. This workshop will be 25% presentation and 75% interactive. Bring your questions and notebooks.





The A&R Movement.

Where is music headed? The young guns of A&R chart the future of music. This Movement will also review the Top 3 Artists from the NMS “Artist on the Verge Project,” where the winner, as voted upon by the delegates attending NMS, will win over $150,000 marketing, promotion, musical equipment and services.

Conductor: Ron Fair (COO, Virgin Records)


  • Andrew Fechter (Atlantic)
  • Patch Culbertson (Universal Republic)
  • Zeke Silvera (Island)
  • Carson Donnelly (Columbia)
  • Rob Inadomi (RCA)
  • Taylor Testa (Virgin)
  • Sean Glass (WIN)
  • Dylan Chenfield (Razor & Tie)

The Independent Label Movement.

Growing in market share. Growing in power. The independent community has gotten organized in the last decade with trade organisations like AIM, A2iM, WIN and Impala as well as the global rights body Merlin. What are the opportunities and concerns that face the fertile independent field in the next decade?

Conductor: Charles Caldas (CEO, Merlin Network)


  • Patrick Moxey (President & CEO, Ultra)
  • Michael Goldstone (Founder, Mom + Pop)
  • Josh Deutsch (Chairman & CEO, Downtown)
  • Kenny Gates (Founder, PIAS)
  • Scott Robinson (Co-founder, Dualtone)
  • Cliff Chenfeld (Co-CEO, Razor & Tie)
  • Matt Harmon (President, Beggars Group USA)

SoundExchange Presents: Radio on the Edge.

Digital radio often comes in familiar shapes and sizes, but there are several companies pushing the envelope with groundbreaking and innovative business models. Meet the next generation of digital radio services leveraging the standard license that allows access to the content they stream. Learn how these services are finding new ways to create exposure and revenue.

Conductor: Corey Denis (VP Digital Strategy & Marketing, Toolshed)


  • Eric Davich (Co-Founder/COO, Songza)
  • Stephen Valenta (Reporting/Finance/Ad Ops, 8Tracks)
  • Mike Dougherty (CEO, Jelli Radio)
  • Kevin King (
  • Paul Campbell (CEO, Amazing Radio)  
Networking Break


How a Generation Got Its Ears Back: Music Quality is Coming back.

Interview with David Chesky (HDTracks) and Craig Kallman (Atlantic Records) by Steve Guttenberg (Audiophiliac)


NMS Intensive – Martin Atkins: Tour Smart



Booking Agents: Breaking New Artists Testing New Waters.

As labels have become more conservative about signing artists, booking agents are more often taking a chance on unsigned artists and helping them establish a fan base. Some agents have even become labels or managers. As the line blurs, how will agents be redefined?

Conductors: Allen Kovac (CEO, 10th Street Ent./Eleven Seven Music), Sean Agnew (R5 Productions, Founder)


  • Tom Windish (Founder & President, The Windish Agency)
  • Marty Diamond (Paradigm Talent Agency)
  • Matt Galle (Founder, Photo Finish Records)
  • David Galea (Agent, The Agency Group)
  • Heath Miller (President of Excess dB Entertainment & Vice President, Webster Hall)
  • Lee Anderson (Agent, AM Only)
  • Ardie Farhadieh (Marketing and Media Manager, Billions)

Fox Rothschild Presents: Music Publishing (CLE).

Once an industry populated by five major publishing companies and numerous independents of various shapes, sizes and ownership, the publishing landscape is now dominated by only three. The shape of the industry has changed not only in terms of the players but also the income stream allocation. Analyzing the changes in deal focus over the past five to 10 years; the role of the publisher in 2013; the impact of the transition from a physical to a digital dominated business; the impact of copyrights; and the proliferation of user-generated content on the internet is crucial to understanding this evolving industry.

Conductor: Tim Mandelbaum (Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP)


  • Justin Kalifowitz (President, Downtown Music Publishing)
  • Larry Mestel (Founder & CEO, Primary Wave)
  • Laurent Hubert (President, Creative & Marketing, BMG)
  • Danny Strick (Co-president, Sony/ATV)
  • Richard Conlon (Senior VP, BMI)
  • Billy Mann (CEO, Green & Bloom/TOPL1NE)


MIDEM Presents: Rethinking Your International Strategy.

Never has the saying “think globally, act locally” been more true. YouTube has made the world a smaller place and a video uploaded in Australia is playing in New York minutes later. When you make a song for sale in iTunes it can be available in at least 119 countries within a week. Deezer is moving into 182 countries and Spotify is in over 20. But is availability the same as a marketed release? Are there partners or teams that can help with local exposure in important revenue generating territories that can make a difference in your business? Learn how to break an act internationally and discover what the promises and pitfalls are of exporting music in the digital age.

Conductor: Daniel Glass (CEO, Glassnote Records)


  • Bruno Crolot (Director, MIDEM)
  • Mark Richardson (Editor-In-Chief, Pitchfork)
  • Katerina Markov (Head of Global Innovation, Atom Factory)
  • Steve Rennie (Founder, Renman Music & Business)
  • Erik Brataas (Managing Director, Phonofile)
  • Ian James (Managing Director, Mushroom Publishing Group)


(4:30-5:00) BMI Live, Write, Perform, Report, Get Paid: 

An Interview with BMI Songwriter Vanessa Bley of Beast Patrol
and Journalist Susan Butler
Networking Break

 NMS Intensive – Adam Shore (Owner, The Daily Swarm)



Reasons to be Cheerful, Pt. III: Music Label Leaders Plot the Course for a Better Music Industry.

Conductor: Ralph Simon (CEO/Founder, Mobilum Global/Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum Mobile – Americas)


  • Craig Kallman (Chairman/CEO, Atlantic)
  • Monte Lipman (Founder, Chairman & CEO, Republic)
  • Avery Lipman (President & Co-founder, Republic)
  • Allen Kovac (CEO, Tenth Street Entertainment/Eleven Seven Music/Five Seven Music)
  • Darius Van Arman (CEO, Secretly Canadian/Jag Jaguwar)

Music in TV, Film and Advertising.

Synch revenues generated over $190 million in the U.S. last year. Music in TV, Film and Advertising can often drive exposure that leads to more discovery and revenues from other sources. Will this market change with the rest of music business or will it remain constant? How do artists maximize their potential in this important area?

Conductor: Josh Rabinowitz (SVP/Director of Music, Grey Group)


  • Steve Greenberg (Founder/CEO, S-Curve)
  • Lori Feldman (SVP Brand Partnerships & Music Licensing, WMG)
  • Keith D’Arcy (Creative Licensing & Catalog Acquisition, Songs Music Publishing)
  • Sanne Hagelsten (Founder, Zync)
  • Michelle Bayer (Founder, ShellyBay Music)

SoundExchange Presents: Expert Session – Artist/Label Strategies for Digital Radio.

Performing artists will now find that it is not only possible to introduce their music to the world, but get paid too. With the mix of creative marketers and programmers from major digital radio services in one room, ideas are sure to germinate. Get ready to take notes on proven and not-yet-tested ideas for utilizing digital radio to break new music

Conductor: Dick Huey (CEO, Toolshed)


  • Jack Isquith (SVP Strategic Development & Content Programming, Slacker)
  • Matt Ostrower (Director Artist Partnerships & Programming, Pandora)
  • Adam Farrell (General Manager, Loma Vista Recordings)
  • Jason Lekberg (VP Digital and Marketing, Eleven Seven Music)
  • Damon Williams (VP Programming Music Choice)
  • Owen Grover (SVP of Content Partnerships, Clear Channel)
  • Jeff Regan (Director Music Programming, SiriusXM)
  • Sean Glover (Director, SoundExchange)





6:45-7:00 Artist on the Verge Award
7:00-7:30 Closing Remarks
NMS New York Music Festival Continues!
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