Music Publishing and Licensing

New Deals and Licensing structures, how can you maximize profits from your copyrights?

redarrow Music Publishing and LicensingNew legislations, new technologies, worldwide rights…what does the future hold? The NMS is the only place that brings together the publishers, labels, and PROs so you can have meaningful conversations that will make the flow of rights smoother and easier
yellow arrow Music Publishing and Licensing Meet the Managers, Songwriters, Producers, Music Supervisors and PROs – and strike up conversations on the best practices and how to increase revenue
bluearrow Music Publishing and LicensingThe New Deal: Discuss the changing model and structure of new artist and publishing deals; revenue share, licensing and joint ownership models — what works, what doesn’t, and how we can innovate
pinkarrow Music Publishing and LicensingThe landscape has changed in terms of players and revenue streams and it is crucial to understanding this evolving sector. At NMS, the leaders discuss the digital dominated business, the impact of copyrights, the proliferation of user-generated content on the Internet, and the effect on profits
greenarrow Music Publishing and LicensingNew Music Nights: Take part and network during the Opening Night Red Carpet Event. Three Nights of non-stop music by over 80 established performers and the hottest “Artists on the Verge” – Get to say “I saw them First at the New Music Seminar” maybe you are the one to land them a deal

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