Marketing and Public Relations

Media and Marketing, what new services and methods are being found to generate the best results for your artists?

redarrow Marketing and Public RelationsLooking for new clients? Foster relationships with managers, promoters, booking agents, and artists
yellow arrow Marketing and Public Relations Promote your clients: Meet the Indies and Majors, and pitch away
bluearrow Marketing and Public RelationsMeet with media tastemakers, be part of the Media Movement and build those relationships to get your clients into the proper media channels
pinkarrow Marketing and Public RelationsNew technologies: There are more ways than ever to get people paying attention to your artists’ music. Discover the most effective new tools for sharing music with fans, building and managing their fan-base, and defining your brand
greenarrow Marketing and Public RelationsNew Music Nights: Take part and network during the Opening Night Red Carpet Event. Three Nights of non-stop music by over 80 established performers and the hottest “Artists on the Verge” – Get to say “I saw them First at the New Music Seminar” Find your next client here

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