Jobseekers and Career Advancement

Where else can you stay on top of current trends, hear about the future, and network with people who will help land you that dream job or advance your career?

redarrow Jobseekers and Career AdvancementNetwork, Network, Network! We all know that is the foundation of the music business, so why not get in a room with thousands of people that can help your career?
yellow arrow Jobseekers and Career Advancement Meet the people defining the future of the music business: Hear from, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with CEOs, executives, tech companies, leading artists, songwriters, producers, managers, agents, publishers, and media tastemakers. ‘Movements’ that feature over 160 visionaries – the ones who are creating the NEW Music Business. Network with the decision-makers directly and build important relationships
bluearrow Jobseekers and Career AdvancementKeep yourself relevant by staying up-to-date on current events and trends – over 30 Movements and Intensives will teach you more in two days in the music business than you could from researching on the web for years.
pinkarrow Jobseekers and Career AdvancementAt NMS, we don’t have the magic bullet, but we sure do supply a lot of ammunition!
greenarrow Jobseekers and Career AdvancementNew Music Nights: Take part and network during the Opening Night Red Carpet Event. Three Nights of non-stop music by over 80 established performers and the hottest “Artists on the Verge” – Get to say “I saw them First at the New Music Seminar” Advance your career by finding that next break-out artist

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