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Emmanuel Zunz

EmmanielZunz Players

Founder & CEO, ONErpm

Music business thought-leader Emmanuel Zunz has emerged as a bold new voice for the new music economy. Hes the founder and CEO of fiercely independent ONErpm, a digital music distribution company and one of YouTubes fastest growing Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs). The company has garnered acclaim for providing industry-leading services while also offering artists and clients marketing solutions and direct-to-fan tools. Zunzs platform is empowering for artists and labels, as it grants them direct access to all the major digital service providers, while allowing them to have total control over all the parameters of the music release cycle. ONErpm further supports artists through extras, like direct-to-fan engagement opportunities, custom marketing campaigns, detailed sales analytics and business intelligence. To further meet the needs of its clients, the company launched ONErpm Studios in 2015, a full-service video facility and the first of its kind for an MCN operating on the East Coast. Use of the studio is free of charge for members of ONErpms MCN. The name ONErpm means ONE Revolution Peoples Music, Zunz explains. ONE represents unity but also stands for our goal to be the best and revolution, as in rpmlike vinyl, revolutions per minuteto represent our goal to revolutionize the digital distribution industry through facilitating bringing the music to the people. The company began in 2010 and has offices in NewYorkand Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. ONErpm has flourished on YouTube in recent years and recently reached 700 million views per month on its network.The company projects to reach 1 billion monthly views, with an audience of 20 million subscribers by the end of the year. ONErpm also has the distinction of being one of the few large-scale music technology companies not funded by venture capital. Reflecting on this success, Zunz says: The definition of a modern music company is always evolving. To be successful music companies need to combine scalability with personalization in order to meet the unique demands of their clients. Its a challenge to strike the right balance but its what drives ONErpm to succeed.Zunz is a former musician who began his entrepreneurial path using business to create change. In 2005 he founded Verge Records, an innovative engine of social change predicated on releasing music from impoverished neighborhoods to yield profit to invest back into the communities in need. His business plan for Verge earned him the Grand Prize of the 2006 NYU Business Plan Competition. Zunz has a background in management consulting, and holds a Masters Degree in International Economics from Johns Hopkins Universitys School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He has been featured on Fox News, CNN, NPR, in Billboard and Performer Magazine, and has spoken at industry panels such as Billboard Latin Music Conference, SXSW and CMJ. I knew that to define my future I had to start my own company, concludes Zunz. It took a long time, but I did everything on my own, with no investors. Since no one else has a piece of the pie, there is more profitability, liberty, and flexibility in my business that I pass on to my clients.

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