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Shamal Ranasinghe

ShamalRanasinghe Players

Co-Founder/CEO, Fluence

Prior to the founding of Fluence, Shamal was a CoFounder of Topspin Media, a leading direct-to-fan marketing platform that helped artists promote and sell directly to their fans. He also led product management at Musicmatch, before getting acquired by Yahoo! Music. Fluence is a new marketing platform that helps artists connect to curators, experts, and tastemakers who can give them more exposure or useful feedback. Fluence was born out of a mission to help artists find new fans and expand their audience. Fluence puts the power back in the hands of artists so they can own their most important promotional relationships: themselves rather then middlemen, who charge them expensive fees and deliver mixed results. Artists pick and choose the specific people they promote to, and Fluence provides a venue for more public word-of-mouth marketing or private pre-release feedback. Shamal lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and daughter.

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