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Bryan Calhoun

BryanCalhoun Players

Co-Founder, Freeform Development Inc.

Mr. Calhoun has worked in the music industry, in various capacities, for over 20 years. Job-related experiences and knowledge include: A&R, marketing, radio promotions, business development and concert promotions. Companies he has worked for include: Relativity Records, RED Distribution, Warlock Records and Serchlite Music. Bryan was COO of Kanye Wests GOOD Music and was also VP of new media and external affairs for SoundExchange. He co-founded Freeform Development, and currently spearheads industry relations for the company. He and his colleagues at Freeform have built an application development platform that lets musicians and other digital media creators generate additional revenues by distributing their work, much like free-to-play mobile games. Mr. Calhoun provides digital strategy and business development for Maverick the artist management company representing Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, T.I., G-Eazy, Jill Scott and The Roots. In an effort to help indie labels and DIY musicians succeed and flourish, he founded Label Management Systems in 2003. The Music Business Toolbox was created, as a business solution, to help labels and musicians achieve their goals.

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