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Tony Brummel

TonyBrummel 72 Players

Founder, Victory Records

Victory Records is one of the top independent rock record labels in the United States with a staff of 40 located in Chicago. Victory is not only a fully staffed record company ( ), but includes a merchandising division (, a direct to consumer sales operation ( and sister music publishing company ( Victory started as a hobby by Tony in 1989 with $800.00 and no music industry experience, aside from being in bands in the underground hardcore punk scene. In 1993, Victory became a full time operation. The company is solely owned by Brummel and has never had any outside investors. Since 2013, Victory has sold close to 15,000,000 albums worldwide. The company specializes in all genres of rock music from alternative and indie rock to hardcore, punk, ska and metal. Victory has always been a vehement champion and protector of the independent music sector.

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