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Fred Hanba

FredHanba 72 Players

A&R, Tommy Boy Entertainment

Fred Hanba (aka Freddie Nyce) handles the Urban A&R duties for Tommy Boy Entertainment, and is an expert on Hip Hop music and culture. He recently signed Pants Velour to the label. Mr. Hanba started his music industry career as an intern for Tommy Boy Entertainment, assisting the A&R department during the researching of the 12 volume Hip Hop Compilation - Hip Hop Essentials. Under the tutelage of CEO, Tom Silverman, he has learned and observed a great deal about the music industry; the complexities, intricacies and, states Fred, "the many ways to research and analyze information." In 2009, Fred assisted Tom Silverman and Dave Lory with the relaunch of the New Music Seminar; specifically, from 2009 through 2013, as the head of The New Music Seminars Artist on the Verge project, he reached out to and coordinated with thousands of up-and-coming artists. As a result of his tireless efforts, and his bona fide passion for music, Fred has been named full time A&R for Tommy Boy Entertainment - since 2013.

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