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Day 1 – Sunday, June 21

Day 2 – Monday, June 22

Day 3 – Tuesday, June 23

Exact Movement Times and Rooms Coming Soon.
Sunday: Conference Registration opens at 12pm. Programming runs 1:30pm – 6:30pm. Opening Night Party @ Webster Hall 7pm.
Monday: Registration opens at 8:30am. Programming runs 9:30am – 6:30pm.
Tuesday: Registration opens at 9:30am. Programming runs 10:30am -7pm.
New Music Nights kicks off at 8pm at select Lower East Side Venues on Monday and Tuesday

NMS takes place at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

New Music Nights takes place at: Drom, The Delancey, Pianos, and Cake Shop. For lineup click here.


Sunday, June 21st

DIY: 2015

In the new music business, artists have to break themselves. Defining what success means to you comes first. Second, you need a strategy. Third, you need to be able to execute. How and when do you put together your team? When is it time to look for a manager or booking agent? How can you successfully promote and publicize your b(r)and. Hear from Publicists, Managers, Agents, and successful DIY artists on how to succeed on your own.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Music Success

Management, Label, Publishing, and Internal Band Deal Agreements. To have a successful career you need to understand these four agreements. You will learn key terminology, negotiation points, what to look out for. Hear from managers, lawyers, booking agents, and publishers. If you are serious about your career, then this is a must-attend Movement.

Touring for Road Warriors

Hitting the road is full of excitement and challenges. How do you prepare, Budgeting, transportation issues, health on the road, what challenges exist, working with a booking agent, talent buyers, your manager’s role, landing that coveted support slot, and breaking into the festival circuit. Everything you need to know to make it on the road will be explained.


More info coming soon.


Monday, June 22nd

Music Insights 20/20: The Future Revealed

These mystics of the music business, masters of analytics and soothsayers of sound share their projections and new visions for where the business is really going.  Each will share images that illustrate a new revelation that they have unearthed from their data and analysis. Then they will challenge each other to go further in predicting alternative futures for the music business.

Music Placement in Advertising

An Interactive 2-step Movement that begins with a creative brief sent to all NMS delegates. Delegates will suggest songs to be placed into a TV ad and the NMS Players will choose a few submissions to discuss live during the Movement. This discussion will then move into what makes music supervisors select a particular song. Get inside their heads on the psychology behind emotional needs, the six types of songs for sync, and what makes these supervisors tick. Perhaps your selection will make the discussion.

Music Xray Presents: The Sound Selector Sessions

Get your music critiqued by A&R execs from the big labels in front of your peers. Bring a CD with ONE Song with all your information clearly labeled. You will be able to drop off in the bin at the beginning or the session – CD’s will be randomly drawn and played.


Whether it’s pop, EDM, hip hop, rock, R&B or country great songs always precede great records. What defines a “hit” in each genre and how can you maximize your chances of writing the big one?  These successful songwriters share their secrets.

Vinyl Resurrection 

Vinyl is the only format that has died and come back to life. Vinyl peaked in 1978, cassettes in 1989, CDs in 2000; but only vinyl has experienced 50% growth in each of the last four years. What can we learn from this phenomenon?

International Open Forum

Mix and Mingle and meet your next business associate from another land. This discussion will touch up key challenges when crossing borders and how to work in new territories. This will be an open-forum discssion with leaders from different territories leading the discussion. Be prepared to speak up and be heard. Precursor to the Developing World Movement.


Should artists have a voice in the overall music business? Managers share their optimism and concerns about the direction of the new music business.

Ad-supported Music Streaming

How does ad-supported music streaming fit into the complex new music ecosystem? What is its place relative to un-licensed and “pirate” sites on one side and subscription sites on the other?  American AM/FM radio generates $16 billion a year. Can on-line ad-supported music services ultimately generate even greater ad-revenue?

Touring and Artist Development

As live performance increases in importance relative to record sales, concert promoters have become a bigger part of artist development than ever. They invest in artists on tour with radio, print and online advertising that increase awareness of the artists. They have crucial data on ticket buyers that can help grow fans for developing artists. They create events that concentrate fans and build careers.  Promoters, managers, agents and label representatives look at the live business and new opportunities for artist development.

Artist Technology and Opportunities: The State of the Industry

This Movement explores some of the latest technologies and opportunities designed to help artists create more effectively, promote their music and brand and generate income or save money.

Independent Labels

The independent labels became organized 10 years ago with the founding of A2iM.  A few years later, Merlin was founded. Independent labels control 35% of sales market share and probably more than that of streaming market share. As we enter Indie Week, we ask why independent labels continue to grow market share each year.?  Why are independent labels responsible for the birth of every new genre and a disproportionate share of the most important artists in history? Why might independent labels may be a better choice for artists than majors?

“The Situation” A live reality show about the music business.

A label, distributor, manager, marketing company are releasing a project.  Creating a marketing plan, reacting to changes in the artist and management situations while maximizing exposure and monetization for the project are the challenges. The scenario will suddenly change several times during the session and participants will have to react and work with the change to bring the project home.


Tuesday, June 23rd

Subscription Music – Getting to the 100 million subscribers

The leaders of the exploding music subscription sector explain why music subscription will drive exposure and revenues for artists and their investors in a way that records never could. How can the music industry get behind the subscription wave and accelerate the consumer adoption of subscription music?


Despite the continued growth of online music penetration, radio’s ability to expose and break new music remains unchallenged. How do they do it? What does radio understand better than any new media about making new music familiar and discovering hits?

Can Derivative Works Double Music Revenues?

Derivative Works comprise at least 50% of all music-publishing revenues and are already responsible for huge revenues in the recording industry.  User generated videos generate revenue the majority of all YouTube music revenue. Music sample use has driven the hip hop movement for 35 years and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for artists and rights owners.   More than 60% of YouTube music revenue comes from derivative works. New formats for stem-mixes are now being introduced that will further expand the world of derivative works. How can the music industry look at derivative works as a giant new revenue center by embracing this opportunity rather than ignoring it or rejecting it?

Label Heads: The Music, The Media, The Money

This year, as the business hits 50% of net revenue from non-sales sources the label heads discuss their excitement about new music and artists and how they are adapting to new media for music and artist exposure and new revenue centers.

Music Xray Presents: The Sound Selector Sessions

Get your music into the hands of the people that matter; top industry players critique your work on the spot. Bring a CD with ONE Song with all your information clearly labeled. You will be able to drop off in the bin at the beginning or the session – CD’s will be randomly drawn and announced.

The Producers

How producers become producers.  These producers will talk about how and why their biggest successes came out of the studio. More importantly they will also share what didn’t work and why.

Building a Video Strategy

Videos continue to grow in importance: YouTube and Vevo continue to grow while Facebook, Instagram video, Vine, and Twitter magnify the impact of those videos. Today’s world requires a video strategy for every song released and maybe for albums as well.   How do you develop a video strategy that will continue to grow your fanbase and your brand?

The Developing World: Music Explosion

The population of the top 30 music markets in the world is 1 billion with an average per capita music revenue to the music biz of  $13 a year. That leaves more than 3 billion people capable of generating new revenue for the music business by 2020.  How can we prepare for the move from a regional industry to a global one? What will this new world look like?

The A&R Movement

Where is music headed? The young guns of A&R discuss the future of music and what they look for before signing an artist. This Movement will also review the Top 3 Artists from the NMS “Artist on the Verge Project,” where the winner, as voted upon by the NMS delegates, will win marketing, promotion, musical equipment and services valued around $50,000.

Music Publishers Movement

The US Copyright office has made recommendations for overhauling copyright law. Publishers want to pull out of performing rights associations. The DOJ is considering changes to the consent decree ruling.  Indie, major and label owned music publishers discuss what the changes might mean to the business, the catalog game and the process of developing new writers.

Music Distribution

The role of the music distributor is changing radically. Once a pick, pack and ship, billing and collection operation, the new functions include a whole suite of services to support labels and sometimes in many countries.

Music Managers Open Forum, Town Hall. Presented by The International Music Managers Forum

Sometimes navigating the music business as an Artist Manager these days seems more like the work of a Cartographer than an Artist representative. All of the talk is about 360 degrees, Globalization and collection of international rights and incomes, and borders.
Music Managers from around the world will share their thoughts and experiences in the modern world of Music Management to try and zero in on key issues, concerns and successful practices of Artist Management that are needed for survival in this new music world.

Like last years hugely successful and well attended Artist Management panel, this panel will be presented “In the Round” in a Town Hall fashion which will allow the audience to become part of the panel and discussion in an “Open Forum”

All Artist Managers and Self Managed Artists should attend and learn.

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