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NMS 2014 Conference Schedule

Day 1 – Sunday, June 8

Day 2 – Monday, June 9

Day 3 – Tuesday, June 10

Exact Movement Times and Rooms Coming Soon.
Sunday: Conference Registration opens at 12pm. Programming runs 1:30pm – 6:30pm. Opening Night Party @ Webster Hall 7pm.
Monday: Registration opens at 8:30am. Programming runs 9:30am – 6:30pm.
Tuesday: Registration opens at 9:30am. Programming runs 10:30am -7pm.
New Music Nights kicks off at 8pm at select Lower East Side Venues on Monday and Tuesday

NMS takes place at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001


NMS 2014 Day 1 Sunday Programming Movements


The Science of Schmoozing: Building and working your network

Mastering the elevator pitch. Being in the right place at the right time. Goal setting and preparing. Making yourself memorable

The Artist is a Business

Like it or not, in order to have a sustainable career, it is important to understand the the artist is also a business. These experts share success stories and horror stories to help you build the career you want. How to make and save the most money.

Fox Rothschild PresentThe Big Four Artist Agreements: The current state of the art (CLE)

These experts discuss the following essentials: The Artist Operating Agreement, The Label Agreement, The Publishing Agreement, The Management Agreement.

Desmond Child’s Songwriting Masterclass

See the master at work, and learn the best tips and tricks of writing your next hit song.


NMS 2014 Day 2 Monday Programming  Movements


Turning the Stream into a River.

The Music Industry is Growing Again…and It’s All About Streaming. Leaders of this growth sector share their vision for a much bigger and better music business.

The Branding of Cool: Round Table Discussion

Developing Artists, Technology, and Brands; An unlikely alliance.

Music Xray Presents: The Sound Selector Sessions

Get your music critiqued by A&R execs from the big labels in front of your peers. Bring a CD with ONE Song with all your information clearly labeled. You will be able to drop off in the bin at the beginning or the session – CD’s will be randomly drawn and announced.

SoundExchange Artists/Labels Workshop

SoundExchange will explain what it is, why it pays, and how to get your share. Registering (free!) with SoundExchange can earn you royalties for plays on satellite radio, Internet radio, cable TV music channels and other services that stream sound recordings. Becoming a Member allows you to further maximize your royalties for streams around the world. SoundExchange is a non-profit, and an important source of revenue for all artists (big and small) and labels (indie and major): they’ve distributed more than $2 BILLION to artists and labels so far. But thousands of art-ists and labels don’t know they need to register, and millions in royalties haven’t yet been claimed. Interactive and question-driven, this workshop will also cover need-to-know info on copyright, licensing, metadata, and legislation that will af-fect your career.

* Light refreshments will be provided

Music Business Legends: It’s Still About the Music

Technologies come and go but great music is a constant. These legends share their biggest triumphs and disappointments

Midem Presents: The Globalization of Music

We are approaching a time when all the world’s music will be available everywhere at the same time. What will that mean to developing artists? Should music activity tracking be done by worldwide metropolitan area rather than the historical home market approach? Build your global strategy now, soon you will have no choice.

Fox Rothschild Presents: Artist Deals: Back to the Future (CLE)

It is 2024. 65% of music industry revenues are Subscription 15% is ad-supported streaming, 8% is music sales (vinyl and downloads), 5% is experiences and special products, 5% is SoundExchange and 2% is sync. 50% of revenues are domestic and 50% are international. Albums are around 15% of all revenue. We look back in amusement at the “record deals” that were still prevalent ten years ago in 2014. Label heads, lawyers and managers discuss the “new and improved” artist deal.

The Producers Movement

Producers have been the critical link to help artists connect to potential audiences. Now they are more relevant than ever as most also are involved with songwriting and some go on to become artists… see Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams. We will discuss the state-of-the-art of music production from artist psychologist to sound technologist to music consumer telepathist

Independent Labels Coming to Power

35% of sales market share and probably more than that of streaming marketshare, independent labels continue to take risks where majors fear to tread. Why independent labels may be a better choice for artists than majors.

On-line Media Music Discovery

Music fans want to know what’s next. How do trusted advisors wade through the torrents of new music to make their recommendations. How does the modern-day “music review” spread to reach critical mass?

Label Heads: The Gamblers

The music business is a high risk game. Nobody wins even 50% of the time. With odds so low, how do label heads decide where to place their bets? Head, heart, or balls? Label heads will share their excitement for some of their newest artists. They’ll share their recent success stories as well as mistakes made in the past and the lessons learned.

Billboard Touring Conference Presents: The Live Music Business and Emerging Artists

Almost every artist must play for 50 people before they can play for 5,000. What is the secret to growing artist audiences from 50 to 5,000? How much is about the quality of the show itself? How much is about the popularity of a current or past hit song? Technology has brought the highest level of connectedness between artists and their fans. How has this affected the acceleration of the artist’s journey from 50 to 5000 or does it have any affect at all? Now that labels are signing less acts than ever, many agents are signing acts before labels. How do agents and talent bookers make a decision on who to bet on? What are the challenges between promoters, managers, agents and labels and are they any different now than they were 30 years ago

Hip Hop Resurrection

After 6 years of decline, hip hop is reinventing itself. What happened and how can hip hop turn it around? If you look at hip hop as an industry in recession, what will it take to bring back prosperity and make it sustainable?

Women in Music Meetup

It is crucial for female music industry leaders to educate and inspire others toward a changing and modern music industry environment where more women are in leadership positions. To help reach this goal, NMS is hosting a WIM Meet-up on Monday June 9th, 2014 to raise awareness of WIM’s mission and allow for an open discussion of ways to motivate women leaders to be role models and solutions to bring more women to leadership positions in the music industry.

Topic: An open-door discussion forum on Recognizing and Encouraging Female Leaders in the Music Industry to discuss new initiatives and raise further awareness of the exceptional women that are breaking new ground in the music business.

International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) Meetup

Music Managers are at the forefront of the artist’s career and are more influential than ever. Managers need to truly understand – and have networks developed in every sector of the music business both domestic and abroad – and NMS is where you make those connections.
Come meet and networking with Music Managers from across the globe to discuss the new era of music business.

The International Brainstorming Open-forum

Starting this year NMS will introduce the annual series of open forums designed solely with the International Music Business in mind.
In this forum, the International music community will convene for a high-level open discussion on challenges and issues in the global marketplace – how we can work together more efficiently to grow the music business bottom line, generate more income for companies and artists – and facilitate change.

NMS 2014 Day 3 Tuesday Programming  Movements


Fox Rothschild Presents: The Music Publishers Movement (CLE)

How will the radical restructuring of the music business affect music publishing? Songwriter data and metadata and the importance of a global database. Direct deals with the biggest streaming services, performance revenues and international collection. Is technology disintermediating the publishing business so more money gets to the writers? What are these publishers most optimistic about and what are their biggest concerns?

Music Video Mandatory

Videos are no longer an option as YouTube is both a revenue generator and a worldwide music exposure medium. Making a powerful music video has never been more important, not just for the hit single, but, perhaps, for every single. These video experts discuss the concept and the execution. How to make great videos quickly and inexpensively. How can labels/managers/artists build video into the process of making each song? Are labels ready to make twice as many videos per artist per year than they ever did before? Who will make these videos? When, where and how to use lyric videos and alternative videos. Mastering the $5000 viral video is the goal, how do we achieve it.

High Resolution Audio is Coming. Are you Ready?

Vinyl is up 36% this year. Beats Headphones are nearing $1 billion in revenue. Neil Young raised a record $6 million on Kickstarter for high resolution audio product. There is no doubt that high resolution audio is coming. Are you prepared? Are the recordings you are making today ready for the much higher definition future? What you have to know about getting the best possible recording done today to insure that it will be ready for our high-resolution future.

Music Xray Presents: The Sound Selector Sessions

Get your music into the hands of the people that matter; top industry players critique your work on the spot. Bring a CD with ONE Song with all your information clearly labeled. You will be able to drop off in the bin at the beginning or the session – CD’s will be randomly drawn and announced.

SoundExchange Digital Radio Workshop

This workshop will cover “Licensing 101″, what radio is paying and why. We will address the most common problems digital radio providers en-counter and provide suggestions for correcting these difficulties. This workshop will be 25% presentation and 75% interactive. Bring your ques-tions and notebooks.

* Light refreshments will be provided

Subscription Music: The Music Business’s Bright Future

The leaders of the exploding music subscription sector explain why music subscription will drive exposure and revenues for artists and their investors in a way that records never could. How can the music industry get behind the subscription wave and accelerate the consumer adoption of subscription music?

What is the Business Model for Music? Reexamining the business models for the record company, music publishing, venture capital and banking. How are they similar and what the music industry can learn from these financial sectors.

Venture Capitalists and a Banker show us different ways of seeing the Label business model and the Music Publishing Business Model. If you are thinking about starting a label or a publishing company or you are running one now, this session is a must.

Fox Rothschild Presents: So Sue Me: Understanding the Perils and Opportunities of Litigation (CLE)

Stories of good things gone bad. How to deal with litigation threats. When never to sue. When to threaten litigation. Understanding the costs of litigation. Are any of us safe? Sampling, cover songs, dmca take down notices and infringements, copyright infringements, breach of contract issues.

The Managers Movement: Should Artists Have a Voice in the Overall Music Business?

Managers share their optimism and concerns about the direction of the new music business.. Where does the manager stop and the label start? Today’s manager must manage both the physical and the virtual worlds of the artist. They must Manage flow of not only the artist but their total creative output including; music, video, photography, text, and performance across the physical and non-physical universe to maximize the long-term exposure and monetization of their artists. It’s a brand new game. Managing an artist’s attention graph.

BMI Presents: The Songwriters Movement

Songwriters share their success stories and also their mistakes and how to avoid them.

Dance Music: It’s not Just a Disco Bubble

How can growth be sustainable? What the dance music business can learn from the country business. We will discuss the relative importance of Songs, Artists, Productions, Radio, Alternative Exposure Outlets, Touring and generally expanding the dance music ecosystem.

The A&R Movement: Where is Music Headed?

The young guns of A&R chart the future of music. This Movement will also review the Top 3 Artists from the NMS “Artist on the Verge” (AOV) Project, where the winner, as voted upon by the delegates attending NMS, will win marketing, promotion, studio time, consultations, musical equipment and services valued around $100,000.

Radio: The World’s Best Discovery Engine

Why does radio still break more music than everything else on the web combined? America’s top radio programmers talk about why radio continues to dominate new music exposure and what radio knows about their audiences that digital services does not.

Music Distribution in Transition

The role of the music distributor is changing radically. Once a pick pack and ship, billing and collection operation, the new functions include a whole suite of services to support labels.

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